What's An
INN Mission Trip?

It is important to recognize God's action in this world both locally and abroad. During the year we try to be a blessing to Bellingham and better understand needs and how to help. Every spring break, as the INN community, we immerse ourselves in different places - we serve others on the streets. We build houses, care for children, and provide aid to people in need. We hear and share stories of hope and healing. Through it all we challenge ourselves to actively participate in God's redemptive action, not only in these places, but here, where we live, study, and work each and every day.
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Partnering with The Lighthouse Mission & Friends
Cost: $350
March 25th-30th

Jesus reveals the purpose for which he was sent by reading from Isaiah 61, which turns out to be a really beautiful summary of God’s Good News for the world. God’s purposes are to show mercy and bestow grace and dignity so that his people can grow into the identity of strength and fruitfulness for which they were created. That identity isn’t just for their benefit though but so that they can partner with God in rebuilding, renewing and restoring. It’s this vocation of purpose to which we are all called.

For many years we’ve traveled locally and even internationally to have our eyes opened to what God is doing around the world. But this year, we’re staying locally to see our place with new eyes, explore the Spirit’s unique invitation for each of us and learn how we can respond.

The week will be focused around three themes.

1. Serving with and learning from what God is doing in and through various local organizations and individuals. Learning more about what’s God’s heart is for various aspects of culture.

2. Learning to listen and discern what the Holy Spirit is doing in others, my neighborhood and me.

3. Exploring rhythms and practices of dwelling in the heart of God and worshipping deeply.

Our home base each night will be lodges at Camp Lutherwood. We’ll begin Sunday morning and end around lunchtime on Friday.

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